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Thank you for your interest in working the steps with incarcerated addicts. Working the Steps with Montana Region is a working group of Narcotics Anonymous.  Our primary purpose is to create a lasting service effort that connects addicts who are incarcerated in Montana with outside sponsors, so that they can work the Twelve Steps of NA.

Our group formed after some of our members had trouble finding resources for sponsorship behind bars. This program makes it possible for addicts to begin recovering the NA way despite being locked up. 

We are placing flyers in numerous institutions around the Montana region. These flyers provide instructions to those incarcerated about how to connect with this program and outside sponsors. Incarcerated addicts will write a central PO Box in Helena and letters will be forwarded a to an NA sponsor.

We have a system in place so that you may keep your anonymity and letters will still find their way to your address without revealing personal information to your sponsee. You will need to use the central PO Box as your return address. When you get a letter from a sponsee, it is important that you write back in a timely manner to maintain a solid connection with that individual.

Sponsor Packet PDF

Please read the contents of our Sponsor Packet PDF for information on qualifications, quidelines and more. For more information please contact our workgroup.

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