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Please donate to the MT Rural Recovery Group to help us continue to carry the message!

Snail mail donations can be sent to:
Montana Rural Outreach, P. O. Box 1443, Havre, MT 59501

Our Weekly Meetings, Mountain Time

Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 12 pm Noon
Meeting ID: 965 024 325
Password: 239532

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun 7 pm
Meeting ID: 321 529 143
Password: 239532

Sunday 9 am
Meeting ID: 905 489 644
Password: 239532
How do I connect to NA meetings on Zoom?

You will need to download the appropriate Zoom app for your device. Visit Zoom to get the correct, latest app version. Once you have installed the latest Zoom client, all you will need to do is click the ‘Join Now’ button on one of the meetings listed above. Remember the meeting password, as it will be required to join a meeting.

I connected, and it says 'please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon'.

In order to combat abuse of our meetings and protect our atmosphere of recovery, we have implemented a waiting room feature to control who is allowed to join our meetings. Please be patient, and our meeting host will let you in as soon as they’re able.

What are the rules of an NA Zoom meeting? Are they different than 'regular' meetings?
The answer will depend upon the meeting. For our meetings, the Rural Recovery Outreach Workgroup has adopted an aggressive anti-abuse stance, and so our meetings are carefully controlled. During a meeting, attendees will not be able to unmute themselves or chat via text in Zoom with other attendees. Other Zoom meeting functions—whiteboards, screen sharing, or other activities which could distract from the atmosphere of recovery—are restricted to the hosts.

Unlike meetings in person, our hosts have direct control over the participation of everyone attending. Anyone whose behavior is distracting from our primary purpose will be moderated (muted, video disabled, removed to the waiting room, or kicked from the platform and reported to Zoom in extreme cases) at the discretion of the meeting chair and host.

The first MRSC Online Recovery Meeting began in 2018, and boomed to 17 meetings in early 2020. This was an outreach effort by the Montana Region to members that because of location, illness, age or other reasons were not able to attend in-person NA meetings. When the COVID-19 crisis happened most meetings and meeting locations were closed. We were able to quickly respond and began the effort to make online meetings accessible to addicts across the Montana Region.

In early 2023 the three main service areas of the Rural Recovery Outreach Workgroup (RROW) began to transition to an autonomous Group, the MT Rural Recovery Group. The Group currently hosts 13 online meetings, a literature distribution and outreach program called the poNAy Express, and an annual event, the MT Rural Recovery Rendezvous

These meetings are fully self-supporting through contributions by individuals attending online meetings and others using the 7th Tradition button to contribute to the MRSC on its home page.

We offer meeting time slots for groups that may want to host a regional meeting. We also offer hosting support and technical help for Groups or service committees that want to schedule service meetings or want to host regular recovery meetings that are more limited, to keep the home group integrity. We also offer support and meeting listings on the website for groups that are holding online meetings not hosted by the MT Rural Rural Recovery Group.

Contacting Us

Welcome Packet or More Information

If you are interested in receiving a Basic Text, a keytag and welcome packet, or have questions regarding the MT Recovery Online meetings or the Group itself, please contact us by emailing

Meeting Attendance Verification

If you are attending our meetings and need verification, please email with the date and time of the meeting you attended and the chairperson's name, and we will respond to verify your attendance.

Become Part of the MT Rural Recovery Group

If you are interested in being added to our mailing list and receiving occasional information, including our weekly updated meeting list and speaker lineup, send an email

MontaNA Rural Recovery Group

The Montana Rural Recovery Group is an autonomous Group in the MT Region. We strongly believe that recovery should be available to all addicts who desire it regardless of their location, health, occupation, personal commitments etc. and our goal is to provide a platform that is easily accessible to all through the program of Narcotics Anonymous.

We offer a variety of online meetings using the zoom platform; literature studies, speaker meetings, step working meetings, and general discussions. These are open meetings, and we receive a variety of addicts from across the world as well as supporters and the occasional nursing student who visits.

We have also the poNAy Express which seeks to reach rural institutions and jails, providing both literature and information about our program.

And the MT Rural Recovery Rendezvous is an annual event held in the fall to bring together addicts scattered across the state to an in-person event so we can connect and get to know one another and discover how best to serve rural and isolated addicts in Montana, and in the greater NA Fellowship.

Rural Recovery Rendezvous

More will be revealed

Pre-registration: Coming soon, paper form! Registration available at event, but pre-registration helps us to plan for food.

  • Registration closed

Location: Camp Rotary, 51 miles south of Great Falls, MT on Hwy 89, just south of Monarch.

Lodging: Bunkhouses and camping available, bunkhouses have mattresses, bring your own bedding. No RV hookups, but campers and RVs welcome.

Cost: $25 registration/night (includes lodging), meals provided (donations accepted). Meetings, speakers, workshop, campfires, games, fun!

Merch: Black t-shirt with logo available for purchase with pre-registration, or at event. Previous years’ merch available at event. Literature will be available at event.

Info: Jim C: 406-880-6954

PoNAy exPRess

As part of the MT Rural Recovery Group, our project distributes literature/flyers/information to rural and isolated jails, treatment centers, addicts and meetings across the state.

  • Our goal is to reach rural jails that may not have had contact with NA.
  • Our goal is to reach treatment centers and treatment satellite offices in small communities that may not have had contact with NA yet
  • We visit and contact isolated meetings that have not been active in Areas and Region and offer them support
  • We work closely with the Regional H&I and PI chairs to update facility contact lists.
  • We also reach out to Area PI chairs to coordinate with them in areas that already have contacts established.
  • We post flyers with the Montana NA Helpline # in smaller communities.

We disperse supplies amongst ourselves in different areas of the state, both through in person meet ups and through mail. We have a strong team and have the member power to be “boots-on-the-ground” for outreach across underserved and non-served addicts in Montana.

This is an opportunity to connect with treatment programs and invite them to our meetings, making deeper connections between NA and facilities.

Our work in creating a solid online meeting option during the pandemic shut down has shown us a need for outreach and options for addicts that can’t get to regular meetings easily. We have been honored to get to know many college students/working/single parents/sick/disabled/isolated addicts who otherwise were unable to get to in-person meetings due to schedule conflicts or lack of access.  We will continue to make these resources available because the need is so great.

We hope to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous across the beautiful state of MT!!!