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The Montana Region hosts more than 260 meetings per week all across the state. We’re here to help you find the next NA meeting near you!

Upcoming Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous Literature

We maintain a collection of the freely available NA literature online that is always up to date. You can read or download NA booklets, informational pamphlets, and NA group readings online here.

You may also order the latest literature shipped directly from us, or from Narcotics Anonymous World Services.

Regional Events & Calendar

We maintain a calendar of NA events from around the Montana region and across the country. Here you can find a schedule and links to information for:

Work the Steps Montana Region

Our Montana Regional Narcotics Anonymous outreach programs include our Work the Steps, Montana Region initiative. We provide connections for addicts seeking recovery to work with a sponsor through the mail. This can be an ideal solution for:

NA Montana Speaker Tapes & Podcasts

The Montana Region has accumulated an outstanding collection of speaker tapes over the years, and we’re dedicated to trying to make these available online. Listen to NA speaker tapes on your phone, or download them in MP3 format to listen to them offline.